The Aegis Bitcoin Wallet

I’ve been using Bitcoin for a couple of years now. It’s gone from a curiosity to somewhat of an obsession. Anyway, my mobile device of choice is an Android and I haven’t been able to find a wallet that I can use and trust at the same time. So I decided to create one.

I designed it from the ground up for security. Lots of help was given by the guys at especially in the NFC department. They also did an awesome job coordinating and coming through on the UI design. Admittedly, I am more of an engineer and definitely not a UI designer.

The wallet has a ton of features. For security, it encrypts all keys that are on the device. In order to send money, you either have to provide a password or an NFC tag that has an encryption value stored on it.

You can download the wallet at the play store or you can visit the site here:

You can check out the code on github at Please contribute if you can. All help is appreciated.

Aegis Home Screen


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